Through use, visit and/or registration as “USER” you acknowledge that these TERMS AND CONDITIONS will generally apply to the use of the content and services offered through this platform, hereinafter “VIDA FARMACIAS”, of which it is the owner . Farmacéuticos Vida SA de CV, hereinafter “ THE OWNER ”.

Any natural person who, by his or her own right (hereinafter “ THE USER ”), wishes to access or use “VIDA FARMACIAS” or the services offered therein, may do so subject to the following TERMS AND CONDITIONS, the corporate policies of “THE OWNER” for the use of “VIDA FARMACIAS” as well as the Code of Conduct against Bribery and Corruption of “THE OWNER”, which can be consulted at %CC%81digo%20Conduct%20Arfeldt%202015-19.pdf .

In any case, any person who does not accept these TERMS AND CONDITIONS will not be able to access or use the services of “VIDA FARMACIAS” and/or acquire the products that may be offered.

I. DESCRIPTION. “VIDA FARMACIAS” provides “THE USER” with a digital platform through which they will have the possibility of consuming, autonomously, various products and services, which are mentioned, by way of example and not limitation, below (in hereinafter the “SERVICES ”):

a) Purchase of medicines and health supplies within the offer catalog of “THE OWNER”.

b) Supply and home delivery within the territory of the United Mexican States (hereinafter “ Mexico ”) of medicines and health supplies acquired through “VIDA FARMACIAS”.

c) Promotion and offer in the purchase of medicines and health supplies within the catalog of “THE OWNER”.

Simply accessing “VIDA FARMACIAS” does not imply the establishment of any type of relationship between “THE OWNER” and “THE USER” other than that established by the Federal Consumer Protection Law and other legislation applicable in Mexico. The platform, including all software, functions, materials and information, and any services available on “VIDA FARMACIAS”, are provided without warranties of any kind, either implied or express, unless otherwise stated in these TERMS. AND CONDITIONS. “THE OWNER” disclaims all express or implied warranties, including, but not limited to, warranties of enjoyment and non-infringement, as well as any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose related to any computer program, or the design or content. information on “VIDA PHARMACIAS”.

“THE OWNER” cannot guarantee or provide a guarantee that the files available for download from “VIDA FARMACIAS” are free of viruses, or any other code that may contaminate or destroy your equipment. “THE OWNER” does not guarantee that the platform, software, materials and services will perform uninterrupted or are error-free or that any defect in the platform or any other element will be corrected.

“THE OWNER” in no case will be responsible for any damage (including, but not limited to, incidental damages, loss of profits or damages caused by the loss of information or paralysis of its businesses) resulting from the use or inoperability of “VIDA FARMACIAS” and/or its content.

The “SERVICES” offered through “VIDA FARMACIAS” as a platform are informative for Visitors and require their prior registration, so access to said “SERVICES” can only be made by registering an Account and prior payment. of a certain price, through the payment method that “THE OWNER” establishes.

I. OBJECT. Regulate access and use of “VIDA FARMACIAS”, understood by this to be the “SERVICES” that are available to “THE USER” within the domain:

“THE OWNER” reserves the right to modify, interrupt, deactivate or cancel at any time and without prior notice, the presentation, contents, functionality, “SERVICES” and the configuration that may be contained in “VIDA FARMACIAS”.

Access to “VIDA FARMACIAS” by “THE USER” is free and must be done through prior registration.

II. USER. The person who wishes to use “VIDA FARMACIAS” may do so by filling out a registration form on the platform, creating a username and password, subsequently receiving an email as confirmation that will guarantee secure access to “VIDA FARMACIAS” or only by providing the banking and/or tax information and other information that “VIDA FARMACIAS” requests when making a purchase. By becoming a “USER”, “THE OWNER” grants you a non-exclusive and non-transferable right to access the “SERVICES” offered through “VIDA FARMACIAS” and you will have the status of Client.

“THE USER” will be solely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their account and password, being completely responsible for all activities that occur under their registration, committing to:

1. Use “VIDA FARMACIAS” according to the way it was designed; In this sense, the use of any type of software that automates the interaction or download of the SERVICES and content provided through “VIDA FARMACIAS” is prohibited.

2. Use the information offered lawfully, without contravening the provisions of these TERMS AND CONDITIONS, morality or public order, refraining from carrying out any act that may affect the rights of third parties or harm the operation in any way. of “PHARMACY LIFE”.

3. Be solely responsible for the information uploaded to the forms enabled by “VIDA FARMACIAS”, in which the user has to provide certain data or information to access the “SERVICES” and content offered by “VIDA FARMACIAS”. ”.

4. Immediately notify the “VIDA FARMACIAS” contact mailbox of any unauthorized use of your password or account or any other security violation, such as theft, loss, or unauthorized access to accounts and/or passwords, with the in order to proceed to its immediate cancellation.

5. “THE USER” will at all times be solely responsible for the veracity of the data and information that is delivered to “VIDA FARMACIAS”, for the purpose of registering the Account, payment methods and subsequent use, purchase. sale and delivery of the products offered on the platform.

    III. PRICE OFFER. In accordance with the provisions of article 42 of the current Federal Consumer Protection Law, “THE OWNER” declares that the prices that appear for each of the “SERVICES” displayed in “VIDA PHARMACIAS” correspond to the sales price. to the public approved in terms of applicable legislation and/or suggested by the corresponding manufacturer or supplier, as applicable, including, when applicable, taxes associated with the “SERVICES” purchased. 

“THE OWNER” may offer “THE USER” through “VIDA FARMACIAS” promotions associated with the “SERVICES”. “THE USER” may exercise his or her right to mention the promotions that are applicable to the “SERVICES” that he or she has acquired.

“THE OWNER” will make its best effort to identify and communicate to “THE USER” any promotion applicable to the “SERVICES” that the user wishes to purchase and include it in the corresponding Order Confirmation. “THE OWNER” undertakes to respect the current promotions in “VIDA FARMACIAS”. Notwithstanding the above, "THE OWNER" may be excused from carrying out compliance with said obligation for reasons attributable to the manufacturers and/or suppliers of "THE OWNER", due to technical difficulties in updating advertising in "VIDA FARMACIAS". and the time that can naturally be consumed by the activity of reviewing and updating the pricing system of “VIDA FARMACIAS”, or, where appropriate, due to inventory errors related to the “SERVICES” deployed in “VIDA FARMACIAS”, giving the possibility that they may arrive incorrect or outdated prices may appear.

In order to prevent any of the aforementioned situations, the updated prices will be found on the page   . In any case, “THE OWNER” will confirm the price at all times to “THE USER” through an electronic call or email. for each of the SERVICES offered through “VIDA FARMACIAS”.

In addition to what is established in these TERMS AND CONDITIONS, all the particularities related to the price offer through “VIDA FARMACIAS” will be governed by what is established in the Product Delivery Policy.

    IV. DESCRIPTION OF PRODUCTS AND SERVICES. “THE OWNER” will try to be as precise as possible in the description of all medications and health supplies and other “SERVICES” offered through “VIDA FARMACIAS”. However, the foregoing does not guarantee that the description is accurate, complete, detailed, current or error-free. If any medication and health supplies and other “SERVICES” do not comply with the description indicated at the time of delivery to “THE USER”, the latter may refuse to accept it and “THE OWNER” will have the obligation to make the refund through deposit in the corresponding card, within 20 business days following the date of refusal of “THE USER” to receive the “SERVICES”. In any case, the final description of the Object of any Purchase Order will be the one included in the corresponding Order Confirmation. “The USER” will be responsible for verifying that the “SERVICES” comply with the description indicated in the Purchase Order and in the Order Confirmation at the time of delivery. The images shown through “VIDA FARMACIAS” are merely illustrative, and the characteristics of the “SERVICES” may vary without prior notice.

In the event that “THE USER” receives the “SERVICES” and they do not comply with the characteristics established in the Purchase Order and are accepted by “THE USER” at the time of delivery, “THE OWNER” will not be obliged to make any refund of payment.

    V. ORDER AND CONFIRMATION OF SERVICES. Any request for “SERVICES” generated by “THE USER” will be considered a Purchase Order , which will contemplate the details of the “SERVICES” acquired by “THE USER”.

“THE USER” will have until 5:00 p.m. on the day of purchase to cancel or modify the Purchase Order. Once this period of time has passed, it will be understood that there is an Order Confirmation and no cancellation will occur and/or or modification. 

Once the Order Confirmation is generated, “THE OWNER” will proceed with the delivery or execution of the “SERVICES” in terms of what is established in the Product Delivery Policy.

"THE USER" accepts that for the acquisition of some "SERVICES", it will be an essential requirement for the generation of the Purchase Order that I upload to "VIDA FARMACIAS" the digital version of the original medical prescription and other accessory documentation requested by "THE OWNER", otherwise the Purchase Order will not be processed.

    SAW. WAY TO PAY. “THE OWNER” determines as the only form of payment for the “SERVICES” acquired by “THE USER” the transfer or payment through credit or debit cards issued by public or private Financial Institutions, as well as by authorized third parties in terms of the financial legislation in force in Mexico.

Said payment will be made through “VIDA FARMACIAS”, for which “THE USER” must digitize the card data requested by said platform and pay in full for the “SERVICES” acquired. “THE OWNER” reserves the right to condition or restrict the payment of “SERVICES” through credit and debit cards issued by certain Financial Institutions and/or authorized third parties in terms of current financial legislation in Mexico.

“THE USER” will leave “THE OWNER” in peace and safe at all times from any claim for an unrecognized charge related to the acquisition of “SERVICES” through “VIDA FARMACIAS”, so “THE USER” will exercise his claim. against the Financial Institution or third party authorized to issue credit and debit cards that corresponds through the means of defense established by the Law for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services and other applicable legislation.

At no time will “THE OWNER” have the obligation to make payment refunds once the Order Confirmation has materialized, however, a competent jurisdictional authority so determines. 

In addition to what is established in these TERMS AND CONDITIONS, the provisions of the Product Delivery Policy and the Transaction Verification Policy will be applicable to the payment method and the transactions that derive from it.

“THE OWNER” will provide “THE USER” with a receipt of the payment for the “SERVICES”, and, where applicable, a copy of the “voucher” or document that accredits the corresponding charge on the card indicated by “THE USER” to the pay.

In the event that “THE USER” or any third party claims an unrecognized charge, they must notify the Credit institution that provides Banking services, who will contact the “OWNER” and resolve the origin of the same in accordance with its internal procedures, to the Credit Institutions Law, the Circulars issued by the Bank of Mexico and other applicable legislation on the matter.

Any refund request, whether for unrecognized charges or something related to the quality of the product, must be submitted through the format provided by “THE OWNER”, which can be downloaded at the following link: Refund Request and will be sent to the email address we hear .

    VII. BILLING. “THE OWNER” will issue an invoice for each Purchase Order, if “THE USER” so requests, which will comply with all the requirements established by the applicable tax legislation in force in Mexico. “THE USER” may access said invoice by including the data of the corresponding receipt or ticket or purchase voucher in the following link “THE OWNER” for such purposes may, through a third party, perform the service. of electronic billing, who in turn will help “THE USER” to generate the invoices, reprint them, cancellation and any other matter, doubt or clarification, through the portal and link that is found on the site for this purpose. Electronic billing can only be carried out within six months following the acquisition of the “SERVICES”.

    VIII. DELIVERY. “THE OWNER” will carry out the delivery or execution of the “SERVICES” at the address indicated by “THE USER” or in any of its branches located in Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey if so indicated by “THE USER”. The delivery period will be determined from the Order Confirmation, provided that the address indicated by “THE USER” in the Purchase Order is correct and exact. The Client must verify that the “SERVICES” are the same as described in the Order Confirmation and in the Purchase Order.

“THE OWNER” will inform “THE USER” at the time of generating the Purchase Order, if the supply and home delivery service of medicines and health supplies acquired through “VIDA FARMACIAS” will include an additional cost or will be provided free of charge.

“THE OWNER” will require “THE USER” to present and/or display the original of the corresponding medical prescription at the time of delivery of any medication or health supplies acquired through “VIDA FARMACIAS”.

In addition to the aforementioned, “THE USER” accepts that the characteristics and other details related to the delivery and/or execution of the “SERVICES” will be carried out in accordance with the provisions of the Product Delivery Policy.

    IX. EXCHANGE AND/OR RETURNS. “THE OWNER” does not accept returns of the “SERVICES” delivered to “THE USER” once dispensed by delivery or counter delivery in the branches of “THE OWNER” in Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey, with the exception of as established in point 10 (ten) of the Exchange and/or Return Policy.

In accordance with what is determined by the Exchange and/or Return Policy, the medicines and health supplies to which exchange or return do not apply are: Controlled medicines (Narcotic and Psychotropic Drugs), High Specialty Medicines and Antibiotics; The General Health Law establishes that the return of medicines sold over the counter or by electronic means such as “VIDA FARMACIAS” is strictly prohibited, for this reason “THE OWNER” adheres to what is established by the competent Health Authority, avoiding this way a misuse of medicines and health supplies.

“THE USER” accepts that in addition to what is established in these TERMS AND CONDITIONS, what is established in the Exchange and/or Return Policy will apply.

    X. WARRANTY. All medicines and health supplies offered by “THE OWNER” through the “VIDA FARMACIAS” web platform have a guarantee, which is sole and exclusive against defects in their manufacturing, which will be required from the laboratory that produces them or to the supplier as appropriate. The scope of the warranty will be determined by each of the manufacturing laboratories.

All medicines or products are subject to review and opinion by the quality area of ​​“THE OWNER” for the warranty process. In the event that the medicine or product under warranty does not present a quality defect attributable to the manufacturing laboratory or the supplier, as appropriate, “THE OWNER” is not obliged to make any change to the product or refund payment.

However, in addition to the procedures and requirements established by the manufacturing laboratory or the supplier of the medicines and health supplies, “THE USER” must comply with the provisions of the Product Guarantee Policy of “THE OWNER”.

    XI. ACCESS AND NAVIGATION . “THE OWNER” uses reasonable security technologies to provide “THE USER” with adequate access and navigation through “VIDA FARMACIAS”, however, it does not guarantee in any way the continuity and availability of the “SERVICES” and content offered, However, “THE OWNER” will carry out the actions that, according to its possibilities, allow it to maintain the proper functioning of “VIDA FARMACIAS”.

Likewise, “THE OWNER” will not be responsible or guarantee that the content or software that can be accessed through “VIDA FARMACIAS” is free of errors or that it may cause any damage at the software or hardware level to the equipment. through which “THE USER” accesses.

    XII. AVAILABILITY. The “SERVICES” and content offered by “VIDA FARMACIAS” will be available to “THE USER” 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, except in situations where the maintenance, updating or technical problems of “VIDA FARMACIAS” affect its operation, as well as situations beyond the control of “THE OWNER” such as natural disasters, network interruption or internet access.

    XIII. ONLINE CHAT. “VIDA FARMACIAS” offers an additional service of online Chat (hereinafter the “CHAT” ) and in real time, where “The OWNER” guarantees that the function of said service will only be to answer general questions that “The USER” formulate due to the SERVICES and content that “VIDA FARMACIAS” offers to “THE USER”, and is not responsible for the data and veracity of the expressions, language and other information sent by “THE USER” in said CHAT. .

“THE OWNER” may temporarily or permanently suspend the CHAT at his discretion, and may also, unilaterally and at the time he considers it necessary, modify the operation and configurations of the CHAT. The CHAT access hours will be from Monday to Sunday from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., except for non-business days.

    XIV. NOTICE OF PRIVACY . In accordance with the provisions of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties, its Regulations and other applicable provisions, “THE OWNER” informs you that your personal data will be protected under strict physical, technical and security measures. administrative measures that have been implemented, in terms of the Regulation, in order to protect and guarantee the care of your personal data against damage, loss, alteration, destruction or unauthorized use, access or processing, as well as limit to the extent possible any risk that may arise. The processing of personal data will be limited to compliance with the purposes set forth in the Privacy Notice of “VIDA FARMACIAS”.

    XV. OF PERSONAL DATA . “VIDA FARMACIAS” informs that at all times the personal data of “THE USER” will be collected, processed, and protected under the highest standards of security and confidentiality, adopting the necessary measures within its reach to ensure the privacy of the personal data and sensitive personal data collected in a way that guarantees its security, prevents its alteration, loss or unauthorized treatment in accordance with the contents of the Comprehensive Privacy Notice, which will be at your disposal and can be consulted through “VIDA FARMACIAS” which complies with the principles and obligations established in the Arfeldt Corporate Policy for Protection of Personal Data, the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties and other applicable legislation. 

“THE USER” may exercise their ARCO rights (Access, Rectification, Cancellation and Opposition) by submitting the Arco Rights Request form to the contact mailbox or to the email [email protected]

“VIDA FARMACIAS” may include hyperlinks or links that allow access to web pages of third parties other than “VIDA FARMACIAS”, the owners of said websites will have their own privacy and personal data protection policies, for which “VIDA FARMACIAS” does not assume any type of responsibility for the data that is provided by “THE USER” through any website or platform other than “VIDA FARMACIAS”.

The Visitor or “THE USER” by the sole use of “VIDA FARMACIAS” agrees to receive the cookies transmitted by the “SERVICES” that make it work. Cookies may contain information such as identification provided by the Visitor or “THE USER” or information to track the pages that the Visitor or “THE USER” has visited. A cookie cannot read data or information from the hard drive of the Visitor or “THE USER” nor read cookies created by other sites. 

In the event that “THE USER” does not wish for said information to be collected, they must disable the use of cookies through the instructions established by their internet browser since the instructions to carry out said actions may vary depending on the browser used. 

“THE USER” when registering and creating their account in “VIDA FARMACIAS”, may choose to receive notifications and/or advertising information, thereby confirming and agreeing to cancel or clarify NOT being registered in the registry referred to in the Article 18 and 18 bis of the Federal Consumer Protection Law. Otherwise, you must inform “THE OWNER”, through the page in the consumer mailbox section , by telephone 55 5002 0050 or by email: [email protected]

    XVI. SECURITY. “VIDA FARMACIAS” has all the necessary elements to safeguard all the information that “THE USER” provides through it, however, it is the responsibility and obligation of “THE USER” to use and keep their account and password protected. Therefore, in the event of any violation of these, individually or as a whole, “THE USER” will be responsible for said violation and releases “THE OWNER” from any responsibility.

    XVII. ATTENTION TO COMPLAINTS. “THE OWNER” will give due attention to all complaints made by “THE USER” that arise from the acquisition of “SERVICES” offered through “VIDA FARMACIAS”.

Having said the above, “THE USER” will be subject to the procedure established in the Consumer Complaints Attention Policy, to the means determined by the Federal Consumer Protection Law and other applicable legislation.

In the event that “THE USER” wishes to file a complaint, they must do so through the following means:

    • By telephone call to number 55 5002 0050 , where an executive from the Contact Center of “THE OWNER” will follow up on the complaint.

    • Through the email [email protected]

    • Through a data message through the consumer's mailbox of “VIDA FARMACIAS”

    XVIII. PHARMACOVIGILANCE. “THE OWNER” declares that none of the medicines offered for sale through “VIDA FARMACIAS” are of its own manufacture and disclaims any responsibility related to any event, suspected reaction, adverse reaction or special reporting situation that arises from the consumption and/or use of medications, having the sole obligation to notify said situation to the laboratory or manufacturer so that it can communicate with “THE USER” and/or third party and dictate the guidelines to follow.

Any notification or notice related to the above and arising from a medication purchased through “VIDA FARMACIAS” must be notified through the consumer's mailbox and to the following contact:


Tel. 5540801973

Email:[email protected]

The communication of the event, suspected reaction, adverse reaction or special reporting situation will be carried out by providing the following information: (i) name and contact telephone number of the person notifying, (ii) initials, gender or age of the patient; (iii) clinical manifestation (sign or symptom) presented by the patient and (iv) trade name of the suspected product.

For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions it is understood as:

Adverse event: any unfavorable, unwanted medical occurrence that may occur during treatment with a medication, but has no necessary causal relationship with that treatment. Although coincidence is observed in time, a causal relationship is not suspected.

Adverse reaction: any unintended harmful reaction that occurs at doses used in humans for prophylaxis, diagnosis, treatment or modification of a function.

Suspected adverse reaction: any unwanted clinical manifestation that provides indication or appearance of having a causal relationship with one or more medications.

Special reporting situation: any safety event of interest for any medication including: 

    • Adverse events associated with quality complaints.

    • Overdose of any medication.

    • Reports of exposure during breastfeeding.

    • Maternal exposure during pregnancy: when a woman consumes a medication at any time between the last menstruation prior to conception and delivery.

    • Paternal exposure during pregnancy: when there is the possibility of intrauterine exposure to any medication via semen of the male partner who is under treatment with any medication at the time of conception, thereby exposing the fetus to the medication.

    • Abuse of any medication.

    • Inappropriate use of any medication, including use for indications other than those approved by the local health authority (off label).

    • Adverse events related to product falsification.

    • Accidental exposure to any medication, including occupational exposure.

    • Adverse events related to the transmission of infectious agents.

    • Adverse events arising from class action lawsuits.

    • Any failure of the expected pharmacological action (e.g. lack of efficacy).

    • Any unexpected clinical or therapeutic benefit of any medication.

    • Any medication error with or without patient exposure (e.g., confusion in product name, dosage, prescription).

    • Adverse events derived from possible drug interaction with other medications.

Quality complaint related to an adverse event: any discrete alteration that occurs in a product for marketing, which indicates a possible failure of the product and which is also accompanied by the occurrence of any unfavorable event in a patient or consumer, after its administration. medicine.

For this purpose, "THE OWNER" will directly communicate to the laboratory or manufacturer the information on the events or situations described above, no later than the first 24 (twenty-four) hours of becoming aware of the event, the 365 (three hundred and sixty-five) days. of the year and 24 (twenty-four) hours a day.

    XIX. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY. “THE OWNER” is the owner of all the intellectual property rights of “VIDA FARMACIAS”, understood as the source code that makes its operation possible, as well as the images, photographs, data, audio or video files, logos, brands, color combinations, structures, designs, domain names, copyrights and other elements that distinguish it. For this reason, they will be protected by Mexican legislation on this matter, as well as by applicable international treaties. Consequently, the reproduction, distribution, or dissemination of the “SERVICES” and content of “VIDA FARMACIAS”, for commercial and lucrative purposes, on any medium and by any means is expressly prohibited without the written authorization of “THE OWNER”. 

The logos, brands, images, photographs, data, audio or video files, color combinations, structures, copyrights and designs related to medicines and health supplies offered to “THE USER” through “VIDA FARMACIAS” and used for advertising and promotion thereof are property of the manufacturing laboratories and/or suppliers of “THE OWNER”, which are legally registered with the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI) and the National Institute of Copyright Law. Author (INDAUTHOR) as appropriate. 

“THE OWNER” declares to have a non-exclusive use license regarding the intellectual property of the manufacturing laboratories and/or suppliers, limited to the advertising and promotion of medicines and health supplies offered through the “VIDA FARMACIAS” platform. ”.

The copying, downloading, use and promotion of the intellectual property of “THE OWNER” and the manufacturing laboratories and/or suppliers is prohibited without their written authorization. The violation of the provisions of these TERMS AND CONDITIONS will guide “THE OWNER” to exercise the corresponding legal actions established in the Federal Law for the Protection of Intellectual Property, the Federal Copyright Law and other applicable legislation, including this the criminal legislation in force in Mexico.

Likewise, any total or partial reproduction, transmission, adaptation, translation, modification, communication to the public, or any other exploitation of all or part of the content of “VIDA FARMACIAS”, carried out in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical or other. , are strictly prohibited unless prior written authorization from “THE OWNER”. Any infringement of these rights may give rise to appropriate legal proceedings.

The brands that appear on the platform are registered trademarks either by “THE OWNER” or laboratories and/or suppliers of “THE OWNER”. Nothing contained in “VIDA FARMACIAS” should be construed as granting by estoppel or otherwise, any license or right to use any brand established in these TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

The legitimacy of the intellectual property rights corresponding to the content provided by third parties is the exclusive responsibility of said third parties. 

    XX. NOTIFICATION AND WITHDRAWAL.   In addition to respecting intellectual property under the laws applicable in Mexico, “THE OWNER” assumes its commitment to comply with the US Internet Copyright Act (Digital Millennium Copyright Act ("DMCA" ) .

In the event that any laboratory and/or supplier, “THE USER” or third party visitor to the “VIDA FARMACIAS” platform considers that the “SERVICES” and content of “VIDA FARMACIAS” constitute a violation of the intellectual property protection rights In terms of Mexican laws and the DMCA, you must immediately notify “THE OWNER” through a report to the contact mailbox available at “VIDA FARMACIAS”.

“THE USER” will present said notification using the Withdrawal Request form which must be accompanied by the information and documentation that supports the violation of the corresponding intellectual property rights and sent to the email [email protected] 

The complaint will be analyzed by the legal area of ​​“THE OWNER” within a period of 15 (fifteen) business days after receiving it and if it proceeds, “THE OWNER” will carry out the removal of the content that violates intellectual property rights contained in “VIDA FARMACIAS” within 15 (fifteen) business days following notification of origin.

“THE OWNER” does not make any judgment about the veracity of any accusation related to violations of intellectual property rights. “THE OWNER” will consider all notifications or complaints and adopt the appropriate measures, as required by current applicable legislation. Having said the above, “THE OWNER” reserves the right to remove from “VIDA FARMACIAS” the content indicated as violating intellectual property rights, in accordance with the provisions of the DMCA.

    XXI. MEDICAL OPINIONS. “THE OWNER” establishes that no information about the “SERVICES” as well as the content of “VIDA FARMACIAS” will constitute a prescription, recipe, suggestion, instruction, advice or medical, clinical, pharmaceutical or health advice addressed to “THE USER” or visitor. of “PHARMACY LIFE”. All information of a medical, clinical, pharmaceutical or health nature in “VIDA FARMACIAS” is solely for disclosure, for reference or informative in nature for “THE USER” and the general public. 

“THE OWNER” declares that the function of “VIDA FARMACIAS” is not to provide medical, nursing or any other specialty services that must be administered personally by an authorized health professional, so it is recommended to consult a doctor before purchasing. any of the “SERVICES” offered in “VIDA FARMACIAS”. Having said the above, “THE USER” accepts and acknowledges that “THE OWNER” will not be responsible for any damages or losses suffered by “THE USER” or any third party who acquires and consumes “SERVICES”; and in this act he releases “THE OWNER” from any obligation or responsibility that may arise.

“THE USER” declares under oath that any prescription or medical document that he or she presents in connection with the acquisition of any of the “SERVICES” of “VIDA FARMACIAS” is true and that it complies with the requirements established by the General Law. of Health and other applicable and current legislation in Mexico. Having said the above, “THE USER” accepts all responsibility that arises from the presentation of a prescription or apocryphal medical document or that does not comply with the requirements established by Mexican legislation, leaving “THE OWNER”, its affiliates, parties in peace and safe. related parties, partners or shareholders, employees and representatives of any liability.

    XXII. REGULATION AND GOOD PRACTICES. “THE OWNER” declares that “VIDA FARMACIAS” and the “SERVICES” offered through it comply with all legal, regulatory, technical and quality requirements established by the applicable regulatory framework.

“THE OWNER” is a company committed to complying with the good practices that govern the pharmaceutical industry both internationally and locally and at all times acts with ethics and transparency.

Additionally, “THE OWNER” is obliged to comply with all applicable anti-corruption laws, rules, regulations and decrees, including, among others, the North American Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, as modified (“FCPA” Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. ), the UK Bribery Act. 2010, as amended, the General Administrative Responsibilities Act and any other legislation being implemented within the scope of the OECD Convention on Combating Bribery of Public Officials Foreigners (“OECD Convention”). 

    XXIII. MODIFICATIONS TO THE PLATFORM. “THE OWNER” reserves the right to modify at any time and without prior notice, the presentation, contents, functionality, layout of the products, “SERVICES”, and in general the configuration that may be contained in the “VIDA FARMACIAS” platform. , therefore “RL USER” recognizes and accepts that “THE OWNER” may interrupt, deactivate, suspend or cancel any of the elements that make up “VIDA FARMACIAS”.

Likewise, "THE OWNER" states that he will have the power to generate, suspend, modify, approve or cancel those promotions, payment facilities established in "VIDA FARMACIAS" in order to suit his interests.

    XXIV. RESPECT FOR HUMAN RIGHTS. “THE OWNER” assumes the commitment to promote equal opportunities between men and women, people with disabilities and older adults, non-discrimination in access to employment and prevent sexual harassment and modern slavery. By virtue of the foregoing, you are obliged not to carry out discriminatory or violating practices of Human Rights through “VIDA FARMACIAS” against any “USER” and/or third party, discrimination being understood as any distinction, exclusion or restriction that, based on on ethnic or national origin, sex, age, disability, social or economic condition, health conditions, pregnancy, language, religion, opinions, sexual preferences, marital status or any other, has the effect of preventing or annulling the recognition or exercise of the rights and real equality of opportunities of people. Xenophobia and anti-Semitism in any of their manifestations will also be understood as discrimination.

“THE OWNER” declares to empathize with the principles established and protected by the French Law on Due Diligence of Companies (Loi sur le Devoir de Diligence des Entreprises), the Modern Slavery Act of the United Kingdom (UK Modern Slavery Act 2015) and the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

    XXV. NO INDEMNIFICATION. “THE OWNER” at no time recognizes and assumes an obligation for compensation in relation to “THE USER” and other third parties who use or visit “VISA FARMACIAS”, which is not duly specified in these TERMS AND CONDITIONS” therefore “THE USER” ” waives demanding any compensation from “THE OWNER”, its affiliates, related parties, partners or shareholders, employees and representatives.

    XXVI. ECONOMIC COMPETENCE. “THE OWNER” declares to be a company committed to the free market and reinforces its compliance with the Federal Economic Competition Law and other legislation on the matter, committing not to carry out any relative or absolute monopolistic activity.

    XXVII. ADDITIONAL CONSIDERATIONS. It is the obligation of the visitor or “THE USER” to ensure that they have an optimally functioning internet connection, as well as the conditions of the hardware, computer, cell phone and/or mobile device, in order to have access to the platform.

The visitor or “THE USER” is prohibited from any commercial or advertising use of the content of “VIDA FARMACIAS”, and in general the use of the information contained on said platform, in a manner or for a purpose other than that expressly permitted by “THE OWNER”, whether or not said commercial or advertising use may cause the violation of any right of “THE OWNER” or third parties.

The visitor or “THE USER” may use the contents of “VIDA FARMACIAS” only for informational purposes, or, where appropriate, to acquire “SERVICES” through the platform. 

“THE OWNER” will not be responsible for the opinions expressed by visitors or “THE USER” through comments or publications that they make through the various communication channels that “VIDA FARMACIAS” has. The comments made by visitors or “THE USER” of “VIDA FARMACIAS” do not represent the opinion of “THE OWNER” and the OWNER reserves the right to withdraw all comments that violate the law, disturb public order, or contain offensive language. , are discriminatory, attack the rights of third parties, other USERS and/or that in their opinion violate the proper functioning of the “VIDA FARMACIAS” platform.

As this is a platform aimed at people who are of legal age, “THE USER” declares that they are of legal age and have the legal capacity and financial solvency to be subject to the obligations derived from the established legal relationships, as well as these TERMS AND CONDITIONS.

    XXVIII. CONTACT. “VIDA FARMACIAS” contains a contact mailbox located on the main page, usable during times and days when the CHAT is out of service, so it is functional for sending notifications by “THE USER”, regarding the access of accounts, changing passwords, questions about operation or requests for clarification about the content of the platform.

Additionally, “THE USER” may contact the Contact Center of “THE OWNER” through the following:

Telephone : 55 5002 0050  

From Monday to Sunday from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

    XXIX. TERMINATION. “THE USER” accepts that “THE OWNER” may, under certain circumstances, without prior notice and without being liable to “THE USER” or any third party, immediately cancel an account and/or any email address. associated with access to “VIDA FARMACIAS”.

The cancellation of the account of “THE USER” of “VIDA FARMACIAS” includes: 

        1. The cancellation of access to all “SERVICES” and content of “VIDA FARMACIAS”; 

        2. The deletion of your password and all related information, files and all content associated with or within your account (or any part thereof); 

        3. The prohibition of the subsequent use of “VIDA FARMACIAS”. Grounds for termination include, but are not limited to: 

        a) Non-compliance or violation of these TERMS AND CONDITIONS or other agreements or guidelines incorporated; 

        b) Requirements from legal or government authorities; 

        c) Termination or substantial modifications of “VIDA FARMACIAS” (or any part thereof); 

        d) Unexpected technical or security problems; 

        e) Request from “THE USER”; 

        f) Prolonged periods of inactivity of “THE USER”. 

    XXX. DISPUTES.   In the event that there is a dispute between “THE OWNER” and “THE USER” that arises from any complaint or dissatisfaction with the services offered by “VIDA FARMACIAS”, a solution will be sought through the dispute resolution procedure of “ THE OWNER” called “Vida ODR”, in case of not reaching an agreement “THE USER” will have the right to access the conciliation procedure before the Federal Consumer Attorney's Office in terms of what is established by the Federal Consumer Protection Law and other applicable legislation.

“THE USER” accepts that any claim or cause that may arise in relation to the use of “VIDA FARMACIAS” or these TERMS AND CONDITIONS, must be presented within the limit of six (6) months, after the pertinent facts that lead to to such claim or cause have been discovered with reasonable diligence.

    XXXI. APPLICABLE LEGISLATION AND JURIDICTION. “THE OWNER” reserves the right to file civil or criminal actions that he considers necessary for the improper use of “VIDA FARMACIAS”, its “SERVICES” and content, or for non-compliance with these TERMS AND CONDITIONS. The relationship between “THE USER” and “THE OWNER” will be governed by the legislation in force in the United Mexican States, if any controversy arises in relation to the interpretation and/or application of these TERMS AND CONDITIONS, which cannot be resolved. By conciliation, the parties will submit to the ordinary jurisdiction of the Mexican federal and local courts that correspond according to law in the state to which it refers.

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